7 Reasons Your Pet Needs Fruits and Vegetables

1. It is natural for them. They eat fruits and vegetables in the wild. They get them from the contents of the stomach when eating prey and they also forage on what falls from trees. You can add them to your pet’s dry food. If they won’t eat them try cooking them in chicken or beef stock. Dried vegetables in kibble is no substitute for fresh.2. Dogs and Cats like people need fiber. Most commercial pet foods don’t provide the type of fiber healthy for the digestive system. You can cut down on the amount of dry food you give them just by adding fruits and vegetables. Also instead of expensive treats let your pet snack on fruits and vegetables during the day. Frozen green beans are a healthy low calorie treat. Cats need a little more protein but they do well eating plant foods.

3. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which help your pet build and maintain a healthy immune system. Even if your dry pet food has fruits and vegetables in it they have been cooked at such high temperatures most of the nutrients have been decimated. Add fresh raw or slightly cooked veggies for better nutrition. Use leftovers from your own meals.4. Fruits and vegetables help keep your pet’s teeth clean. The crunch of raw fruits and vegetables helps remove plaque from your their teeth. Also nutrient packed f & v help fight diseases that attack the gums. Peanut butter and apples are a great snack for finicky eaters. It provides protein along with the fruit and most pets like peanut butter.5. It’s cheaper in the long run. You won’t waste leftovers, just add them to your pet’s meals. A healthier pet means less trips to the vet’s office. Remember the more left overs you add the less kibble you need, don’t make Rover fat. Put fresh berries in plain yogurt, this is a great probiotic/antioxidant rich snack for you to share with your pet.6. Fresh fruits and vegetables add the variety your pet needs to be healthy. A commercial diet often means the same thing every day. It lacks the variety needed for optimal health. Cats and dogs in the wild don’t eat the same thing everyday and they shouldn’t in your kitchen either. Mix up their diet to give them an array of nutrients.

7. Some of the healthiest pets I’ve seen are the ones where the pet owner supplements their pet’s diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. It is important we get as many of our nutrients from whole foods rather than supplements.Now that you have determined that your pet will get his three to five a day, why not join him?